Mosaic offers what few in this
market can: stability. Here at
Mosaic, we offer our clients the
confidence that we will be there
for them no matter what.
Supporting clients in success
since 2007, Mosaic can take your
firm to a new level of efficiency.
A Cut Above...
Legal Services
Process Serving, Investigation, Notary
Public, Background Checks
Security Services
Risk Assessments: Businesses, Schools,
Financial Institutions, Homes
What you can expect from Mosaic
1. Quick and efficient service

2. Dependability to complete any job

3. Competitive prices and flat rate fees

4. Integrity in every facet of business

5. Dedication to the our client's success
2010 Mosaic Security Solutions, LLC
Coming in 2010, Mosaic will proudly offer
Forensic Traffic Accident Reconstruction and
other forensic services to clients in the legal and
transportation industries. Please follow the link
to discover how Mosaic can assist you in the
traffic accident litigation process...
Traffic Accident Reconstruction and Forensic
Phone: 205-995-9789
Fax: 205-991-7576