Emergency Managment

No matter what your needs may be, Mosaic can help you.
Our emergency management team has worked together
in major disasters, search and rescue missions, and
disaster scene management. We are able to provide
services ranging from disaster preperation, to actual
management of a disaster scene. Mosaic can also
provide extensive training to your employees in how to
respond to various disaster / emergency situations.

Scene Management
-Downed Aircraft
-Missing Persons
-Train Derailment
-Severe Weather
-HAZMAT Contamination
-Active Shooter Situations

Disaster Preparedness
-Training and preparation for any type of emergency is
available. Contact us for more information.
Security Services
Safety is a rare commodity in the world today. Mosaic offers clients
peace of mind and true security. In venues such as Emergency
Management, Risk Assessments and Protective Services, Mosaic
leads the local market. Experts with decades of law enforcement, fire
service, medical and military experience are available to you and
those important to you.
Risk Assessments

Drawing upon extensive training and real world experience, our risk
analysts use proven techniques to help clients secure their facility.

After conducting a thorough assessment of the facility and its
current safety elements, the Mosaic will provide the client with an in
depth report of improvement suggestions.

Mosaic can give you education and assistance in the improvement
of your safety, or we can help you impliment new programs.

Schools: Universities, High Schools, Elementary, Private or Public

Financial Institutions: Banks, Credit Unions, Investment Firms

Businesses: Industrial, Manufacturing, Corporate, Small or Large

Homes: Already have an alarm system? Don't let your protection
stop there. Let us help you protect the ones you love.
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