Traffic Accident Reconstruction (COMING IN 2010)

When tradgedy strikes on the highway, Mosaic can help you find out
what happened. Our professional traffic accident investigators use
years of law enforcement experience to provide clients with
accurate, scientific analysis of any size scene.

Whether you need support in litigation, or if you are a company
trying to avoid wrongful liability suits, Mosaic can handle the job. All
of our reconstructionists and investigators have worked hundreds of
accident scenes, and have extensive experience on the witness
Forensic Services
Mosaic's specialized investigators use scientific and engineering
principles to reconstruct and analyze incident scenes. Whether the
scene is small scale or large, we can handle your investigation.
Evidence Collection

Financial cutbacks among State, County and Municipal law
enforcement agencies have drastically reduced available manpower.
The already task saturated law enforcement agencies have been
placed into a no win situation. They have few if any resources to
collect evidence; however, the evidence must be collected for a
successful investigation.

Mosaic provides evidence collection services to government
agencies on a subcontract basis. Our low pricing allows for you to
fill the needs of your investigators without having to hire or train a
dedicated evidence technician.
Quick Response

The moments
immediately following a
catastrophic incident
are important.
statements and
pictures should be
collected as soon as
possible. The more time
that passes makes this
more difficult.
With Mosaic, you can rely on quick response to any scene within our
regional coverage area. Trained experts will deploy immediately to
protect your interests.
Every evidence technician at
Mosaic has law enforcement
training and experience. Our
technicians understand the
chain of evidence and all state
and federal laws governing
Laws pertaining to the collection of evidence are constantly
changing. New techniques emerge almost on a daily basis. Here
at Mosaic, our technicians are held to the highest of educational
standards pertaining to their specialties.
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