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Client Service Agreement... Ensuring dependability, efficiancy and success.
At Mosaic, we believe in 100% transparency with our clients. You should never be suprised by any administrative rule or practice. That's why
every customer is offered a Client Service Agreement. This non-contractual agreement explains in detail what you can expect from Mosaic. It
also explains how to coordinate administratively between your firm and our company.

This Client Service Agreement is
not a term binding contract. The agreement can be terminated by either party at any time. Here's what the
agreement does state:

Payment and Billing options: Have you ever become frustrated with the inconsistency of invoices from your support personnel? Do you need
some sort of regularity of when you are billed for a service? Mosaic's Client Service Agreement clearly explains billing and payment

Pricing: You will never be charged a price that you have not agreed upon. Our prices are explained and solidified through your Client Service
Agreement. In addition,
clients who sign an agreement receive a generous discount on the price of all services!

Services: Your Client Service Agreement clearly explains what services you want Mosaic to provide. Whether you want Process Serving,
Investigation, Forensic Analysis or any other of our wide range of services, you will set defined parameters for us to work within.

Exclusivity: We offer each client who signs an agreement a significant discount on all service prices. In return, we ask that you commit to
using us for agreed upon services. As stated above, this is not a term binding contract. Either party of the agreement can choose to terminate
at any time. However, with Mosaic's extremely low prices, flat rate fees and superior customer service, we are confident you will choose to
continue using us!

We encourage you to learn more about your oppurtunities with a Client Service Agreement. Contact us to learn more!
Any customer who signs a Client Service Agreement
receives a credit to their Mosaic Account. This credit
can be redeemed and applied to any service we offer!
All service prices are signicantly and permanently
for all customers who sign a Client Service