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Mosaic [moh-zey-ik]


  • 1 A picture or decoration made of small, usually colored pieces of inlaid stone, glass, etc.
  • 2 The process of producing such a picture or decoration.
  • 3 Something resembling such a picture or decoration in composition, especially in being made up of diverse elements.

Mosaic Investigative Services evolved from Mosaic Security Solutions, LLC which was founded in 2007 by Jared Ling, David Whitson and Tony Novara. This collaboration combined decades of experience in law enforcement, military intelligence and analysis, business operations, and site security.


In 2007, while waiting for their flight in the Birmingham International Airport, Jared and Tony began discussing news events related to several tragic school shootings. It was at that moment that they decided to use their unique skills to provide safer facilities to schools, financial institutions, businesses and private individuals. This became the birth of Mosaic as a company, as well as the Security Services division.

Shortly after...

Shortly after the initial formation of the company, a friend from a local law firm began telling Jared about problems they were having serving a subpoena. Jared offered to help his friend out with the process. A successful solution to his friend's problem showed a valuable service and a significant need in the local legal community. Drawing on years of experience in the corporate world, David immediately began spearheading the organization of a Legal Services Division.

As time progressed...

As time progressed, the Legal Services division of Mosaic grew in scope and range of services. Offering competitive prices and extraordinary customer service the company began filling the void created by under staffed sheriff’s deputies and over worked constables. Private investigation became a large part of the business.


In 2014, the State of Alabama began licensing Private Investigators and changed the environment of the profession as a whole. Due to personnel changes and changes in vision, Mosaic Security Solutions, LLC was dissolved and Mosaic Investigative Services began.

We can take your chaos and organize it into a usable, accurate representation of the truth.


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Chief Investigator

David Whitson - LPI #196